Vegan Spiralized Beet and Squash Pizza

VeganBits takes a healthy turn on pizza. Their recipe for Vegan Spiralized Beet and Squash Pizza puts a new spin on a popular dish. The versatility of the recipe allows for creative and time-saving techniques. One day it could be made with cauliflower or chickpea flour. The next one could save some time by just using pita or tortillas. Either way, the Spiralized beet and squash pizza with tofu spread and pesto are sure to become a staple in the kitchen.

Key Takeaways:

  • This recipe is fairly versatile, allowing you to use fresh crust, premade or even pita
  • The beet and squash add an interesting texture as well as a splash of color on the pizza
  • Being vegan, it gives you more opportunity to add flavor and stay away from any of the alternative cheeses.


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