Steamed Chicken with Wood Ears and Dried Lily Buds

Dried wood ears may be unappealing to some people. The author never did have a problem with eating darker or black foods. Dried wood ears with steamed chicken were the author’s favorite meal that his/her mother would make when he/she was younger. Following the backstory of the why the author likes steamed chicken with dried wood ears, the author posts the recipe. The recipe has all ingredients listed and step by step instructions on how to make steamed chicken and dried wood ears.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wood ears and dried lily buds are types of fungus, or mushrooms, as we prefer to call them when cooking.
  • The flavor of the steamed chicken and sauce soaks into the wood ears and lily buds.
  • Some kids may be put off the by the black color of the black fungus, but they’re delicious.

“You might like to debone the chicken before cooking. As for Chinese traditional cooking, we like steamed chicken with bones. My hubby feels those chicken meat on bones more delicious than those off the bones.”

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