Soy-free Silken Chocolate Pie to Blow Your Mind (V, GF)

This chocolate pie is impressive and delicious. It will make you very happy if you love your sweets. It also contains no soy. If you are allergic or don’t like soy you will enjoy this one. Chocolate is a popular dessert ingredient. This particular pie has a great flavor and is also smooth and creamy. The texture is wonderful. It is the best chocolate silk pie you’ve had but with no worries about soy.

Key Takeaways:

  • There’s a central picture of a very attractive pie featuring berries.
  • The actual recipe isn’t mentioned in the article but there is a separate link to it.
  • Evidently, the entire idea for the pie came a hunch which worked into a full and delicious pie.

“My Soy-Free Silken Chocolate Pie shouldn’t work and it certainly shouldn’t be a mind-blowing spoonful of silken chocolate goodness.”

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