Sous Vide Duck Confit

One of the best ways to cook suck is to use the confit method. Confit basically means “preserved.”. To cook in this method, one would use duck fat to encase the duck that is to be cooked in fat. This method enabled the meat to be preserved for an extended period of time while producing a very tasty product when cooked. When the duck is cooked in this manner, it too produces an excellent end result, but duck does not produce much fat when cooked. Anway to achieve similar results is to use the sous vide confit method to cook the duck. Basically, the duck is packaged in a plastic bag to cook and the benefit of this process is that the vast amount of duck fat needed is no more. The end result is excellent and substantially easier. The exact process that one may use varies, and several different approaches are listed. But, the benefits of this method far out weight any cons that can be noted by confit purists.

Key Takeaways:

  • Duck confit is one of those French comfort foods that you can make at home
  • The sous vide helps control the temperature allowing for slow even cooking throughout the duck
  • It should come out succulent and ready to eat but feel free to save for other dishes

“When you use sous vide to make duck confit, there’s no need for any extra rendered fat, because the small amount that renders from the duck legs during cooking is more than enough inside the tightly sealed vacuum bag.”

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