Simple Chicken Noodle Soup Means Delicious Is in the Details

There is a chicken noodle soup recipe that is very simple, but the recipe needs to be followed in order to be delicious. Chicken noodle soup is the favorite kind of soup for many people. Chicken noodle soup does not need to be a boring dish at all. It can be a very exciting one. In its most basic form, chicken noodle soup is very light and full of broth. It is a very uncomplicated comfort dish.

Key Takeaways:

  • the broth is the most important part of the dish, a brown broth from roasted bones where the fat has only been partially emulsified yields the best flavor
  • sous vide chicken breast surprisingly is the best way to cook chunks of chicken for this soup, shredded chicken is too dry and will suck up too much broth
  • no extraneous seasonings needed, only salt, pepper. dill and a squeeze of lemon are the finishing touches

“At its most basic, chicken noodle soup is light and brothy—a wholesome and uncomplicated bowl of comfort.”

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