Runner Bean Purée

Runner bean puree is an interesting and low-carb alternative to mashed potatoes. If you don’t have runner beans, substitute green beans or peas. All you need to do is steam your choice of green vegetables (coarsely chopped) until tender – al dente is fine too – then puree it with butter, olive oil, coconut oil, or other vegetable oil. A bit of salt and pepper or other herbs will dress it up nicely. For an even creamier option, add a bit of milk or milk substitute as you puree.

Key Takeaways:

  • Runner bean puree is a great side-dish option to heavier, carb-heavy alternatives.
  • It’s easy to make this dish vegan by substituting coconut oil or olive oil for the butter.
  • This dish can be made in 15 minutes and is a great way to add some new life to your main courses.

“Runner bean purée is a fantastic substitute for heavy potato mash that you usually serve with the main course. This low-carb alternative is a clever spin on the traditional mushy peas too.”

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