Rice Flour and/or Plain Flour

Rice flour is made from ground raw rice and is used to make rice noodles and some pancakes, such as South Indian appams. It can be used to thicken soups and stews, as well as providing an alternative to wheat flour in cakes and biscuits. However, it’s gluten-free so can’t be used to make yeasted loaves of bread. Difference between “All-purpose Flour” “Plain Flour” and “Self Raising flour” Hope this would clear a bit easily: The difference is not great it’s only that in the Self-Raising Flour the is baking powder is already mixed in it, and in the AP Flour ( normal maida) you have to mix it yourself.

Key Takeaways:

  • In high hydration doughs, a blend of rice and whole wheat flour will perform well.
  • The crust has a dull look with 100% rice flour and the loaves did not cook well.
  • On couche and bannetons, use a mix of rice and all purpose flour and there should be no problems with releasing in your dough.

“I’ve been having a bit of a sticking problem and have been using strong bread flour to season my new couches but it’s not great….people have mentioned rice flour a lot so I bought a bag but I’m just wondering if I should mix it or go solo with it…….”

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