Recipe: Trisha Yearwood’s Crock-Pot Chocolate Candy — Slow Cooker Recipes from The Kitchn

Trisha Yearwood, normally known for her singing, has put together a great crockpot chocolate recipe for us. The crockpot is perfect for chocolate because of its low temperature and constant heat, keeping it melted and ready for constant use. You’ll get a few options with chocolate by adding in almond bark but then comes in the peanuts. You’ll get a creamy mixture, but make sure you don’t stir too much. The finished product should have streaks of all three chocolates in it with those clusters of peanuts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Follow a simple recipe made in a crock pot for those interested. Sweet German chocolate will be an integral ingredient to use in the pot.
  • The chocolate will melt for three hours with other ingredients on the list. The white almond bark is layered into the base of the slow cooker.
  • Salty peanuts add another delicious item to a long list for people to try. The end result will be a sticky and sweet treat for everyone to try.

“The recipe is as simple as layering, melting, stirring and cooling: salty peanuts, sweet German chocolate, semisweet chocolate chips, and white almond bark are layered into the base of the slow cooker, where they melt into gooey, chocolatey goodness for three hours.”

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