Recipe: Cranberry Pitcher Margaritas — Drinks from The Kitchn

Margaritas are a timeless drink that any crowd will enjoy trying. Cranberry pitcher margaritas are popular for anyone who wants to try something new. It is a revamped twist on the classic drink served at the bar. All the ingredients can be prepared in the kitchen and then immediately served. The cranberry is a notable feature and people will enjoy these cranberry pitcher margaritas in a crowd. Any party will be made more fun with these popular drinks.

Key Takeaways:

  • The truly best cocktails don’t take hard work — you know they’re good when your friends compliment you
  • This is great pitcher to serve at any Thanksgiving party while the turkey is roasting
  • The drink takes only 5 minutes, so you might be tempted to make it outside of the holiday season!

“The result is a ruby-toned cocktail, garnished with plenty of fresh cranberries and lime slices, that tastes of fall.”

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