Oreo Chocolate Truffles

These chocolate truffles are rich and delicious as they all are. They have the taste of Oreo cookies, though, which makes them different. Oreos are very popular cookies and people love other Oreo treats as well. These truffles are sure to be a big hit at parties or as holiday gifts if you put them in a pretty tin or container. They are also relatively easy to make. Truffles taste so decadent but don’t take too much work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Oreo truffles take just a few ingredients and will be a crowd-pleasing item. Think about using Oreo truffles for a birthday cake whenever possible.
  • The recipe is no bake and should take a minimal amount of time. The ingredients can also be considered vegan for those that don’t consume dairy.
  • Feel free to decorate the Oreo chocolate truffles however possible too. There are some creative styles that people can apply for the best look.

“Today we’re making delicious Oreo truffles, you don’t need many ingredients, yet it’s sooooo tasty! I used them for my birthday cake and these truffles really took it to the next level!”

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