Orange Teriyaki Pork Stir Fry

Smithdield meats makes an interesting product that makes meal preparation extremely easy. It is pre-marinated teriyaki pork. This particular product can be used to make a very tasty stir fry in no time flat. The recipe is very easy. It begins with the cooking of the meat, and rice. This takes the most time to cook. As they cook, you throw in lots of veggies and stir fry them with the meat. After several minutes, combine the meat and veggies and throw on some sauce. With this, your tasty meal using Smithfield marinated pork is complete.

Key Takeaways:

  • The holidays can be a busy time, but Smithfield products make cooking easy by having already marinated products.
  • Smithfield is hosting a food contest! See what you can do to create a 30minute meal with Marinated Fresh Pork, and submit your recipe to for a chance to win.
  • This dish is easy to make – just fry the pork, add veggies, then pour in the sauce.

“Since the pork is already marinated, you don’t have to spend extra time marinating it yourself… and the roasted meat yields a wonderful flavor for your meal!”

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