The One Thing I Do for a Week of Healthy Eating — Healthy Living

A week of healthy eating is a real possibility that everyone will enjoy. Combine simple grains with roasted fresh veggies for a great combination. Pull out frozen veggies from the freezer to continue the concept for weekday cooking. Beans and grains combine well together for something unique in the kitchen. Experiment with these combinations and decide on the right choice to make. That could give people a better outlook on their healthy new diet too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fall is super busy for me, especially if my summer was lazy.
  • Making food ahead of time means that I’ll never be too lazy to cook dinner.
  • If I don’t eat well, I know I’ll binge on wine and cheese this weekend.

“The one thing I do for a week of healthy eating is making a big batch of grains.”

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