The One Ingredient I Use for Better, Tastier Last-Minute Chili — Tips from The Kitchn

If you want a delicious bowl of chili for dinner but don’t want to wait for it to simmer or slow cook for hours, there is a solution. Adding fresh chorizo to any chili can add strong flavor regardless of how long you cook it. You will want to get the Mexican chorizo without a casing, or remove any natural casing and brown the meat first. Swap it out for the same amount of meat you are substituting the chorizo for in the recipe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fresh chorizo provides extra fat, spice, and tang to chili
  • Use Mexican chorizo, and sear in the dutch oven before starting chili recipe
  • Two types of chili include slow-simmering chili and quick single pot chili

“To impart of the maximum amount of flavor in the shortest amount of time, I start my chili with fresh crumbled Mexican chorizo.”

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