Kabocha, Olive Oil, and Chocolate Cake

Kasey lives in Seattle and a snowstorm forced her to stay inside all weekend. She decided to get creative in the kitchen and make some kabocha, olive oil, and chocolate cake. She has a new Bertazzoni gas range and says that the things she has baked in it have turned out great. The recipe she referenced came from the Gjlinda Cookbook. The cake isn’t healthy and is super sweet and yummy. The author of the cookbook states that it could be a breakfast bread but Kasey doesn’t agree. She also comments that you can use pumpkin puree if you aren’t a fan of kabocha.

Key Takeaways:

  • You too can bake an elaborate cake if you’re snowed in and have nothing better to do
  • Kabocha is not necessary, replace with pumpkin puree to cut down on time and easiness
  • It’s a decadent dessert and worth the time it takes to prepare it

“There’s a part of me that really hates slowing down in any sort of capacity.”

Read more: https://www.turntablekitchen.com/recipes/kabocha-olive-oil-chocolate-cake/

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