French Buttercream Frosting

French Buttercream Frosting is really a good flavorful frosting. The recipe is easy to follow. It makes a cake exquisite. It works out well especially if the cake you’re making calls for egg whites. All those leftover yolks can make this amazing frosting. This recipe is a keeper. File this in your favorites and hand them down to your grandkids. Adding brandy to this frosting gives it that extra bit of flavor that everyone will go gaga over.

Key Takeaways:

  • This sweet buttercream frosting pairs well with many different baked desserts.
  • This basic buttercream frosting recipe can be accentuated with different flavors.
  • The buttercream should be at a temperature between 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 74 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal consistency.

“This silky-smooth frosting has a mellow sweetness and rich custard flavor that complements coconut cake as readily as it does chocolate.”

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