Disney World Is Now Offering Cookies and Cream Churros That Taste Like Oreos!

Disney World is in the market of making dreams come true. They provide a magical experience that is hard to replicate. It’s like they are tapping into the dreams of every boy and girl, no matter the age. Everyone loves Oreos, they are a go-to favorite snack. Then there are Churros, a crunchy delightful dessert. The brain team at Disney were like, huh, why not marry these two delightful snacks together. That is exactly what they did, in a secret ceremony, Oreo and Churro were united. To Disney’s delight, the two had little Cookies and Cream Churro, babies. These babies combine the best of both parents. Creamy chocolate crunchy delight, and then Disney topped it off by adding a chocolate dipping sauce. Pure heaven. Even better news, this recipe can be duplicated at home. Dreams really do come true with Cookies and Cream Churros recipe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Disney World has combined the delicious flavors of Oreos with crunchy Churros in their new Cookies and Cream Churros.
  • Cookies and Cream Churros come with their own chocolate dipping sauce.
  • You can make this unique treat at home with the new Cookies and Cream Churros recipe.

“A warm and chewy churro that tastes exactly like an Oreo is basically our dream dessert — and eating it at Disney World makes it even better!”

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