Cuñapes/Pão de Queijo (South American Cheesy Bread)

When you think of Latin food you often don’t think of bread but these cheesy bites are perfect little pockets of butter and cheese. Being South American in origin you get a different take using tapioca instead of flour for the starch, giving a tang to the batter. They also suggest you chop up the cheese if you want pockets of cheese, whereas shredding will give you more uniform distribution of cheese throughout the little bread.

Key Takeaways:

  • The bread uses tapioca to give it more tang and a new flavor
  • The bread would be good with crumbled cheese to give it more pockets of cheese
  • Spread the cheese if you want to have it evenly disbursed throughout the bread

“This cheesy and addictive South American bread goes by many names, but whether you call it pão de queijo, cuñapes, or pan de bono, it’s always equally delicious. “

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