Cranberry Pound Cake and 19 Other Cake Recipes

Cranberry pound cake is a delicious item that can be served as dessert. The cranberry pound cake is relatively healthy and still just as sweet as any dish. Follow the simple recipe and add some all natural cranberries as a topping. Several other cake recipes are provided for a comparison and interest. Cooks and even guests will appreciate a little variety along the way. Very little preparation and time are required to complete the recipe as written.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pound cake is a perfect dish for snack or dessert any time of the year
  • This recipe uses cranberry to give that tang instead of lemon or another citrus
  • Like most pound cakes the recipe uses the normal one to one ratio of flour to sugar to fat.

“This pound cake is actually only made with a half pound of butter along with an 8 oz pkg of cream cheese.”

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