Cranberry in a Can (Batched Rye-Cranberry Shrub Cocktail)

If you’re looking for the fun holiday cocktail, this is what you’re looking for. It combines the fun of cranberry juice and combines it with a rye-whiskey to give it a different flavor that you may be looking for. The cranberry juice is prepared separately from the whiskey through a process known as a shrub. It is combined with cinnamon, vinegar, and sugar to sweeten and add a bit of bite before being mixed with the rye and shaken before service.

Key Takeaways:

  • This dish gives you a new take on an old cocktail using cranberry juice and rye
  • The shrub, the main sweet part of the drink, gets a kick from the champagne vinegar in it
  • Use this recipe to give your holiday and winter parties a different spin on your traditional parties

“It’s perfect for wintertime entertaining because you can make the easy cinnamon-spiced cranberry mixer far ahead of the last-minute chaos, add booze, and offer the drink in a pitcher for guests to serve themselves.”

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