Classic Rich and Silky Potato Gratin

Here’s a great recipe for creamy, tasty potato gratin that’s sure to be a great accompaniment to any meal. One of the secrets lies in the milk and cream being steeped with aromatic herbs and spices to release their complex flavors. Additionally, baking the dish uncovered ensures that the dairy reduces down and becomes thick and creamy while allowing the dish to sit after baking ensures that it sets and is ready to serve. Try this side out as a part of your next family dinner!

Key Takeaways:

  • Potato gratin is one of the best comfort foods you can get due to its flavor
  • Cook the aromatics, like pepper and nutmeg in the milk and cream to bring out the flavors
  • Let it rest before serving to allow the potatoes to absorb more flavor before serving

“Thinly sliced russet potatoes are layered with earthy Gruyère and nutty-sweet Parmesan before being slowly baked in a bubbling bath of milk and cream”

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