The Best Belgian Waffles (traditional with yeast)

The author, Lisa, advises that she has discovered the best Belgian Waffle recipe. Using traditional active yeast, the recipe calls for letting the mixture rise prior to cooking. In addition to the yeast, Lisa’s recipe find includes cinnamon and the addition of seltzer or club soda. She advises that due to the time required to allow the mixture to rise. it is best to prepare the night before. Lisa provides the full recipe with instructions on her post at

Key Takeaways:

  • Use a traditional Belgian Waffle Iron for the best waffles.
  • Traditional Belgian Waffles are made with yeast which you must allow to foam when adding to the milk during preparation.
  • It’s best to cover the bowl and let stand for a couple of hours before you bake, you want it to rise to almost double its size. Serve with whipped cream and fresh cut fruits like berries, apples, etc.

“When Belgian waffles were introduced to Americans at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City, they were yeast-raised and served with sweetened whipped cream.”

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