Burrito Bowl with Cumin Lime Crema

Most people enjoy eating Mexican food because of the varieties of different flavor and options. Burritos, however, is an option many people skip. They have become too common, to easy to make and often, the ratios of meat, cheese, and other ingredients are off. These burrito bowls will satisfy anyone who won’t eat burritos. It’s vegetarian, healthy and delicious. The cumin-lime crema adds amazing flavor. It can be made in minutes and enjoyed immediately.

Key Takeaways:

  • Try a taste of New Mexican cuisine in the home. The burrito bowl is a fun way to enjoy a meal with someone else.
  • Families will certainly enjoy the taste that they get with the bowl. The cumin-lime crema is something that will add a little taste.
  • Mix and match the ingredients as a family to enjoy the experience. The burrito bowl is more popular than ever before for those interested.

“For many of us, cooking isn’t a project: it’s a way to feed ourselves and our families healthy and nutritious food.”

Read more: https://www.turntablekitchen.com/recipes/burrito-bowl-cumin-lime-crema/

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