6 Handy Catering Shortcuts

The next time you have an event, there are some very easy ways to save money and maximize your celebration. The first thing, arrange items based upon price. Put the less expensive items toward the front of your table. Arranging the flow of food and drink at your event can also make a tremendous impact. The same can be said for both hot and cold food, position them apart so guests can choose. A live station can also add an element of excitement and give your guests a focal point. Keep the timeline tight so guests aren’t tempted to resist the stations multiple times. Finally, station trash cans at convenient places to make clean up a breeze.

Key Takeaways:

  • People are more likely to take the first foods they see; so these should be the cheapest or most numerous items
  • Traffic flow around the buffet is important so that people have enough space and access to food
  • Ease cleanup by providing well-placed receptacles for guests to clean up their trash

“It’s easier to set up the hot foods and chafing dishes together, rather than trying to place hot and cold dishes in an alternating pattern.”

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