19 Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes

The great thing about breakfast is it lends itself to the vegetarian lifestyle. There is no reason you need to add bacon to every serving, regardless of how tempting that may be. Start off with something easy like oeufs en cocotte, or baked dippy eggs, giving you that nice runny yolk to dip in your toast. Grilled halloumi is another great one. The saltiness of the cheese works so well and is quite dense. Plus it goes well with some sweet onion jam or marmalade.

Key Takeaways:

  • Garlic bread is one food that can be eaten for breakfast.
  • Pesto stuffed bread is a great food to have for breakfast.
  • Greek yogurt with some preserved walnuts and syrup is a great breakfast recipe.

“Making vegetarian breakfast recipes might seem like something out of the ordinary – however, I am an ambassador for light vegetarian breakfast recipes. In fact, it is not so uncommon to not include ham, bacon or any type of meat for that matter in a breakfast dish.”

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